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Muthmer Team

Is Building Future With Successful Businesses, Funds, and Innovative Investments  

Private Equity 

Muthmer Capital holds an extensive and diverse portfolio; it invests directly in private companies across various sectors including TMT, global shipping and logistics, consumer goods (e-commerce and retail platforms), industrial companies, service companies, road infrastructure, and more.


Throughout the years, the group has continuously pursued entrepreneurial ideas and developed them into successful new ventures that later transformed into leading large-scale corporations. Cultivating a far-reaching network and building long-term partnerships are paramount to the success of each Early Stage investment. The group’s objective is to provide a unique footprint; its experienced team focuses on companies with inspiring, synergistic capabilities and technologies while providing resource.

Muthmer Capital seeks to diversify investment opportunities to complement its growing network strategy and build long-term partnerships driven by the most brilliant founding teams across a wide range of industries. To this end, the group invests in companies with secured proof-of-concept and in the scale-up phase of operations.

Real Estate 

The group’s portfolio includes commercial and residential assets of considerable size with compelling, long-term fundamentals in Saudi and GCC – investments designated for lease, Private Rented Sector (PRS), development and sale. Muthmer Capital may act as the sole owner or lead investor and sponsor where it invests and administers a consortium of private entities and/or institutional partners.

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